President's Message

To the Students, Faculty and Staff of Baldwin College,

It is a great honor being named President of Baldwin College. This will be my sixth college or university at which I have been raised to this position. I look forward to meeting you all and participating in making Baldwin a renowned institution that you will be proud of and remember throughout your career.

I believe that it is the task of the faculty and staff to facilitate a successful progression of the student through the curriculum. Your success is our success.

To enhance the university, i intend to meet with the faculties of both Baldwin College and University of Cape Coast to improve our current environment and introduce new and exciting programs to our students.

I intend to meet with our entire faculty, staff and students and discuss these concepts and get their contribution to the process. I intend working hard to implement these programs, increase the number of scholarships and sponsors, and open the program to a large contingency of Ghanaian and international students.

I am an open-door President and I hope you will feel free to schedule a meeting with me.

Yours Truly,
Prof. James E. Kutz, PhD

President's Biography

James E. Kutz, 3rd, PhD, Public Administration and International Development, M.B.A. Government, M.P.A. Public Administration and Economic Development, M.Ed. and B.Sc. Special Education.

Dr. Kutz is a seasoned executive management professional with extensive experience leading business operations within corporate, governmental and academic environments. Proven ability to build and lead large teams of multidisciplinary professionals. Strong project management skills; able to plan and execute all phases of major, global project initiatives. Interface at ease with a wide range of populations including corporate management, academia, and government leaders/staff from various countries. He has designed country wide curricula for students k - bachelor's degree. He has taught at all levels of academia and formed seven institutions. He has extensive technical and business writing expertise; author of more than 1,700 technical and academic publications for the U.S. Government, State of New York Office of the Governor, and other corporations and institutions.